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With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, developing and opening different restaurant concepts, Mexican Chef Santiago Gomez has been able to successfully position restaurants at the top of Miami’s , Mexico’s and Atlanta's lists. In 2018 he opened his own consultancy company to offer his services in concept developing , menu designing, kitchen designing, among others. As of now, he has offered his services in Miami, Mexico, Aruba, Los Angeles,   Las Vegas, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and Bogotá.

After 10 years living in Miami Florida, In 2021 he moved to Atlanta Georgia, and co-created Botanico Hospitality Group. In 2022 he opened Palo Santo, a supper club style restaurant and rooftop; influenced by a Mexican modern cuisine and Georgia ingredients. In spring of 2023 will be open El Santo Gallo Taqueria in West Side Papers Atlanta



My food is simple and Tasty, It’s Mexican cuisine, with Mexican ingredients. Which I transform with techniques and influences of the world, experiences, travels, discoveries and learnings that I have had along the way.


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