After nine years working as Executive Chef of successful Hospitality group, one of my biggest achievements, both professionally and personally, is to have founded Recipes for Change in 2017, a non-profit organization created to evoke social change by inspiring and educating people through Gastronomy. Our main goal is to eradicate social injustices such as unsustainable food chain systems, inequality, malnutrition, and poverty. Recipes for Change is also part of Social Gastronomy Movement an international organization that uses the power of education and gastronomy as agents of social change, aiming to transform the lives of the underprivileged and victims of social exclusion, we successfully empower our community including Chefs, local farmers and entrepreneurs, and volunteers by connecting them with sustainable F&B suppliers, manufacturers, and hospitality groups with great experience in environmentally friendly methods of production.



My food is simple and Tasty, It’s Mexican cuisine, with Mexican ingredients. Which I transform with techniques and influences of the world, experiences, travels, discoveries and learnings that I have had along the way.